About Coach Stock

About Coach Mike Stock (Former NFL Special Teams Coach)

Mike Stock - 45 years coaching experience
NFL (18 years), College (25 yrs.), USFL (1 yr.), High School (1 yr.)
Coach Mike Stock will be Running a 2 day (morning sessions) Coaches Clinic on Special Teams and Instructing the Kick and Punt Returners at the Top Tier All American Camps on July 7th & 8th in St Paul, MN and July 28th & 29th in Tampa, FL. For more information on the Coaches Clinic, Click Here.

Coaching Resume
Most Recent:  UFL Virginia Destroyers - Special Teams under HC Marty Schottenheimer

Positions coached:
  Wide Receivers, Running Backs, Tight Ends, Special Teams (including punters and kickers).

High School:  South HS in Akron, Ohio

Colleges:       Northwestern University( 1 yr. Grad Asst.)
                        University of Buffalo (2 yrs.)
                        U.S. Naval Academy (1 yr.)
                        University of Notre Dame (6 yrs.)
                        University of Wisconsin (3 yrs.)
                        Eastern Michigan University (5 yrs.)---Head Coach
                        University of Notre Dame (4 yrs.)
                        The Ohio State University (3 yrs.)
  USFL New Jersey Generals (1yr.)---Running Backs
                        Cincinnati Bengals (5 yrs.)---Special Teams, WR's, TE's
                        K.C. Chiefs (6 yrs.)---Special Teams
                        Washington Redskins (3 yrs.)---Special Teams
                        St. Louis Rams (1 yr.)---Special Teams
                        Green Bay Packers (3 yrs.)---Special Teams

Special Teams Coach of the Year 1997 (KC Chiefs) voted by NFL Special Teams Coaches.  Voted 1st Runner Up in 2007 (Green Bay Packers) by NFL Special Teams Coaches.

SUPER BOWL XXIII:  Cincinnati Bengals Special Teams Coordinator - Special Teams scored all the Bengal points:  kick-off return TD, 1 PAT, 3 Field Goals vs. the SF 49ers.

NCAA CHAMPIONSHIP:  1973 National Championship Game (Sugar Bowl) - Notre Dame 24, Alabama 23

                                   Richard "Doc" Urich       University of Buffalo
                                   Bill Elias                         US Naval Academy
                                   Ara Parseghian               University of Notre Dame
                                   John Jardine                   University of Wisconsin
                                   Chuck Fairbanks            New Jersey Generals (USFL)
                                   Gerry Faust                    University of Notre Dame
                                   Lou Holtz                       University of Notre Dame
                                   Sam Wyche                    Cincinnati Bengals (NFL)
                                   John Cooper                  The Ohio State
                                   Marty Schottenheimer     Kansas City Chiefs (NFL)
                                   Marty Schottenheimer     Washington Redskins (NFL)
                                   Steve Spurrier                 Washington Redskins (NFL)
                                   Mike Martz                     St. Louis Rams (NFL)
                                   Mike McCarthy              Green Bay Packers (NFL)

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