Wednesday, June 6, 2012

About Coach Chris Husby

Chris Husby is the other bookend of running the Top Tier All American Tryout & Kicking Camp.  Here is alittle more about Coach Husby.

Coach Husby owns and runs Special Teams Football Academy.  He is a Professional Kicking, Punting and Snapping instructor and a former NFL Free Agent Punter of 6 years.  He trains athletes that span from the Midwest, Canada and various international countries.  He has brought together some of the top experts in the Midwest to help athletes reach their highest potential.  All instructors are former kickers, punters, snappers who have competed at the highest level of Football as an NFL kicker/punter, Free Agent, or succeeded at the Collegiate level.

He holds one on one lessons, small group lessons, mini camps, Special Teams camps, and National Camp Series evaluations and camps for kickers, punters & snappers.  He also helps mentor the athletes to be good student athletes and teach them how to focus on the mental aspects of punting, kicking and snapping, as well as try to help them get into college to play football.

He is a member of National Camp Series and its prestigious network of kicking coaches.  He is also a Special Teams Analyst & Columnist for (The MN Site for!)

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